Democracy Now! Japan Students Subtitle Contest Award Event

This event is related to, but not as a part of the project. The event was held on 26 January 2020. You can find a brief introduction on Democracy Now! Japan site (in Japanese).

Tenth IATIS Regional Workshop: Reconceptualizing Translation in the Digital Age: Asian Perspectives

September 3-4, 2020
Kansai University (Senriyama Campus), Osaka, Japan
The September 2020 IATIS regional workshop, organised by Professor Masaru Yamada, a member of TNTC project, will be held in Osaka, Japan. It focuses on a topic related to this project, for instance, ‘updating’ translation to survive digital evolution and future paradigm shifts in communication.

6th International Workshop on Computational Terminology (Computerm 2020): An LREC Workshop

As an event related to this project, Kyo Kageura serves as one of the organisers of the 6th International Workshop on Computational Terminology to be held in conjunction with LREC 2020, Marseille, France.

Open Seminar: Translation and Machine Translation

SPEAKER: Mr. Takeshi Hayakawa (ASCA Corporation)
TITLE: How to evaluate MT quality in industrial translation
OUTLINE: I will talk about methods for evaluating MT quality in the context of using MT systems in industrial translations. First, I will introduce how MT systems are used in actual translation processes. I will then examine the quality requirements for commercial industrial translations and the proper criteria and methods for evaluating quality. I will also examine the roles of relevant actors (clients, translators and LSPs) in the process of incorporating MT systems into industrial translation processes.

TIME/DATE: 15:00-16:30, 28 October, 2019
LOCATION: Room 159, Department of Education Building, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
LANGUAGE: Japanese (no interpretation provided)
MISC: Free, no registration required.